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NOscale NOvember


There were days that I would weigh myself 14 times a day. I would allow that number to dictate how I felt. I would weigh myself first thing after I peed, stark naked and be like booyah! Then, I would drink my first 16oz of water, have my breakfast, go back to the scale, get nakey, and then boooom I gained 4 pounds. I knew, that in all reality I hadn’t actually gained weight that would stick with me, but I would still get down on myself because I was 4 pounds heavier than I was an hour and a half ago. Drama queen. I have had far too many conversations about what that dang number says, it’s really getting out of control with women, young and old. I decided about two months ago to hide my scale, it has done me a world of good. I am all about healthy. I believe that everyone woman should look in the mirror and feel confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.

I challenge you for the entire month of November {or maybe til Thanksgiving} not to weigh yourself. To make healthier decisions… Eat breakfast everyday, do an hour of activity 5 times a week, to not binge on the weekends, to eat wholesome foods, but no weighing yourself. Take pictures, rely on those to show you how much you transformed over the month. Sometimes we tone up and gain muscle {which we all know weighs more than fat} but lose inches. I mean what would you rather have a smaller number on a rinkadink scale or to feel more confident in your clothes? I know which one I choose. I’m going to take the challenge with you. I’ll weigh myself the first day of November, take a picture of myself from all angles, AND measure myself. I’ll use my instagram page to do check ins, talk about  workouts, food, recipes, and just to have a sense of community. I’d love for  y’all to join the conversation too- just use #noscalenovemberSMF so everyone can encourage each other.

We are the woman in Proverbs 31: 10-31. Our worth is far more than any number. Our worth is laid out perfectly, in black and white, written by our Creator.

You’re worth more than diamonds,


PS: Happy Halloween, check out this website to help get rid of those candy calories.

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Rai-Cin Almond Butter


Have y’all tried the cinnamon raisin peanut butter by The Peanut Butter Co? Holy guacamole, it’s ahhhmazing. It reminds me of my all time favorite cookie, oatmeal raisin. But, this gal doesn’t eat peanuts anymore. So, I saw these Emerald cinnamon almonds and started brainstorming on how I could make my own cinnamon raisin almond butter. That actually tasted the bomb diggity and that’s how I came up with this little sliver of heaven.



2 cups Emerald Cinnamon Almonds {or you could just put cinnamon and almonds in a ziploc and sh-sh-shake it}

1 small carton of organic raisins {keep a few out to mix later}

2/3C unsweetened coconut flakes

1 tsp of vanilla

1/2 tsp sea salt


Combine all ingredients into food processor or nutribullet{I’ve used both, just make sure you scrape down the sides occasionally} until it reaches desired consistency. You may also add honey, agave, or water to help loosen it or to add extra sweetness. Then stir in the last few raisins and store in an air tight container… Maybe even grab a spoon and dig in. I won’t tell.




You Are What You Eat


Every 35 days your skin replaces itself,

your liver, about a month

Your body makes these new cells by the food you eat.

So, your food literally becomes you.

ImageI read that quote today on instagram and I was just like, mind blown. I don’t believe in extreme diets or magic pills. There is nothing that takes the place of good ol’ hard work and fueling your body with the right kinds of foods. You have to find what works best for you. I follow a, mostly, paleo diet. Quick overview of the “Paleo diet”, most the folks you’ll hear talking about it are probably in a box {a crossfit gym}, it’s pretty straightforward- no dairy, legumes, grains, and processed crapola! Think caveman… Fish, Poultry, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Pretty easy right? When you go in the grocery store you basically walk the perimeter and DONT go down the aisles. Like I said, I mostly follow it. Sometimes you’ll see me eat dessert, NO guilt attached, its whatevs. I get a lot of questions of what do I eat? When? Where? So, basically follow these rules and you’re set for success: 1. MAKE A LIST. I go to the grocery store twice a week. So, before I go I check my fridge and see what I ran out of and add it to the honey do list. Sit down and write out all your breakfasts for the next 3-4 days (or however long you’re buying for) and do the same for lunch, dinner, and snacks. 2. EAT BEFORE YOU SHOP! Lord only knows how many times I’ve walked into the grocery store and picked up every. single. thing. I saw.. and then started eating it on the way to the car.  Not good. 3. GET EXTRAS. I always grab more bananas and spinach because I never know if my hub is going to want a morning smoothie or if I drop my salmon on the floor… So I’d rather have extra for the J.I.C! Image Some ideas for your meals.. Breakie: Morning smoothies {with kale, spinach, banana, maca root, cinnamon, almond milk}, eggy oats {1/3C oats with fruit and almond milk}, or an omelet with avocado. Lunch: salad with chicken, chicken and asparagus, cold pressed juice {Ill post an amazing green juice soon}. Dinner: Salmon and veggies, chicken and veggies + sweet potato, soup, I mean the possibilities are endless. Remember you are what you eat, signature


ACV Ahhmazingness

We  talked a little bit about ACV yesterday…  Let me give you the dirty deets on this stuff.


First, I feel like I should have told you that when you drink this amazing, skin glowing, make ya skinny drank  it’ll make your nips so hard they could cut through glass, just sayin’… It’s pretty potent, but we’ll do anything to look hawt and skinny right? I thought so.

1. Fat fighter- Helps get rid of lbs

2. Detox your kidneys

3.  Whitens teeth

4. Cures hiccups {who knew?}

5. Soothes sore throat and stuffy nose {mix cinnamon and honey.. mmm}

6. Builds strong, sups shiny hair

7. Balances your PH aka GLOWing skin, hormone balance= beat the bloat

8. annnnd gets rid of the LBS {I mean, need I say more?}

Just try it, you won’t regret it,



Make Your Skin Glow

What if I told you that I could make you less bloated, rev up your metabolism, slow aging, balance your PH levels, clear your skin, make your skin literally glow… supple, Oh annnnd did I mention that all the gorgeous celebs are doing it. If it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the geese. (btw thats such a weiiird saying)



But, lemme clarify, okayyy! This isn’t just any water or the sassy water that Dr. Oz swears you’ll lose 1000lbs, just by drinking. (uhhh yeah right) Start your morning, every morning, with a glass of hot water and then pour about 2T of Apple Cider Vinegar, cut a third of a lemon, squeeze, and throw that bad boy in and let it steep for about 2 minutes… Bottoms up baby.


Make sure that you buy ORGANIC, unpasteurized, and with the mother. You can find it at Whole Foods, some local grocery stores, but always on Amazon.


I have never been known to have “pretty skin”. I had acne, it wasn’t like a pizza face… but there were a few mount everest and pepperonis that would make an appearance. I’ve been drinking my ACV water everyday for about a month and I swear I saw a difference in my face by day 3, not to mention all the other things that happened – I’ll fill ya in later. When my sister came to visit the first thing she said was “OMG your face looks so pretty it’s GLOWING”, my mom noticed how “even my skin complexion looked”, and my husband said “your skin is so shiny, like its glowing”.


Me with zero MU
{used my iPhone}


 The proof is in the puddin’ people… 

miranda_Ker Jennifer-Lopez-without-makeup-jennifer-lopez-34506968-984-1500 kellyripa

              Ello J-Lo, Miranda, and Kelly (OMHeavens… her arms!!!!) all three bare it all and start each morning with ACV! Don’t skimp out on your water the rest of the day, remember, drink HALF your body weight to stay hydrated.



I’ll be telling you more about the AMAZING benefits of ACV tomorrow, til then DRINK UP



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Change wigs me the heck out. Change gets my panties in a bunch. I know that change is inevitable, inescapable, and unpredictable. Change is death. Change is the birth of something new. Change is waving goodbye and saying hello. Everything on our wonderfully created planet goes through change. Change can be instant. Change can take a bit. Change is growth. Change is HARD, sometimes real hard. Change is a disruption in routine. 

Change is losing weight, gaining weight, squatting til’ you get a J-Lo bootayy, getting a new job, bringing home a bundle of sleepless but totally worth it nights, getting married, breaking up, a friendship, going to college, being an empty nester,or getting a terrible haircut and having to rock a mullet the first week of middle school. Yup, that happened.

I’ve never understood when people say “this person will never change” or “people don’t change”, but yet that same person will talk about how much they, themselves, have.. wait for it…. changed. I mean who, honestly, wants to stay in a stagnant state of sameness. 

A couple things I’ve learned that may help you:

Just like the 12 steppers have taught us, ACCEPT it. That doesn’t mean that you are supposed to be emotionless, it’s the opposite, it’s taking time to mourn and acknowledge what used to be and where you are in the present NOW.. Whether its was a friendship that has grown apart, you lost 150 pounds, said some pretty thoughtless things to someone you love, lied, or tried on every pair of pants and none of them come close to zipping (even with spanks and laying on the bed),  we make decisions some smart and some that deserve a real swift kick in the butt. 

Quit making excuses for your baggage. We’ve all changed, we’ve all been hurt by change, and healed by change. Not a thing on this earth is immune to it. If you use second rate excuses and familiar words to describe yourself you’ve got avoidance issues and haven’t accepted it… and now is probably a good time to go read the previous paragraph a couple more times… 

That old friend that things just kind of fell apart with, don’t James Bond it to the next aisle in the grocery store and hope she doesn’t see you, speak, love on her, and then go your separate ways. You lost a ton of weight…Appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears along the way. But, you found the weight-turn your “I’m so fat” to “I’m going to make smarter decisions today, but dang I still look good”. Spoken words bring things to life… So speak easy. You snapped at your mom and said something you shouldn’t have, then start with these 3 magic words “I’m sorry for….” 

There is no time machine (HELLO 2002 and gawd awful mullet) we can’t go back and we can’t stay the same 18 year old Summer, thank God cause she wasn’t who I want to be. Life takes us on a magical journey that gives us the choice to change, experiences to change us without realizing it until later, and sometimes forces us to change immediately. It’s okay to just throw your hands up and say I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and I’m going to start fully trusting in The Great I Am to take care of me. 

I encourage you to think about how amazing you are tonight. Not how I used to inhale all the brownie batter and wasted pre-heating the oven, or I used to could fit into a size 0, or how I could cut someone with my tongue, or how I could run a mile without stopping, or how I cheated on my 10th grade history test… Embrace you in your YOU RIGHT NOW and stop with the self sabotage and think about how smart you are, how you can walk into a room and make everyone laugh, how you’re kind.. How you are all these things no matter the size of shirt you wear, what the scale says, what people say about the you they USED to know, all the things that money can’t buy.. Those, those are things we should aim to change, change to be more like our Father. 


Food for thought,