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Mrs. Fit of the Month: Personal Trainer Darlena Reas

I’m beyond excited to kick off a new  series on SMF. Each month we will introduce one gal who is a real deal Ms.Fit… She’s a walking example of living a faith–filled, healthy, and balanced life.

I couldn’t think of a  better way to start than with my sistah D! This lady isn’t just a pretty face, she’s got the sweetest spirit. She genuinely cares about people and wants people to be the best they can be, but has a heart of a lion- SO WATCH OUT!  Okay, I’m gonna shush it and let her take it away..


Introduce yourself. I am a Personal Trainer and owner of REASFIT. I have a passion to see people of all ages and types become the healthiest they can be from the inside out. This includes diet, exercise, confidence, inner beauty, and strength both in and out of the gym. I love my clients as if they are family and pray for them as I would a friend, before they even come to me. I am blessed with two beautiful daughters and a husband who works hard to provide for his family. I give praise to my personal Savior, Jesus Christ, who has given me the strength to do all things. I will be competing in my first figure competition in November 2013 and I pray this will be the start of long and successful competition career. I would also like to do powerlifting meets in 2014. I am excited to see what the future holds!

I love that you don’t have a one size fits all approach with your clients. What’s your favorite go to food? Any type of nut or seed butters!!! But during prep, I have had to limit them so my go to has been whole natural almonds. I have found myself loving mustard more and more, so I’ll toss the almonds over some spinach or kale and cover all of it with a horseradish mustard!

What’s your motivation to stay in shape? I have so many motivations. It started because I thought training was fun! I used to go in the gym with the attitude “what can my body do today?” There is nothing like walking out of the gym thinking, “did I REALLY just do that?!” Now I stay in shape for this competition and will continue to focus on fitness and health because I desire others to do the same.


Favorite workout? favorite body part to work? …shoulders for sure. my all time favorite exercise is the traditional deadlift. someone once told me “ripping iron out of the ground is medicinal” …they were right!

What advice do you have for women looking to improve their health? Start small. more water, run an extra mile, push yourself a little harder than you did yesterday. say no to dessert. nothing has to be done overnight. this is a journey, not an overnight sensation. everyone starts somewhere. make new goals for yourself daily and pretty soon all of those small changes lead to big victories.

UPDATE: SHE PLACED 3rd in OPEN CLASS and 2nd in her division! Heck yeah.


Her face says its all! 🙂

 Follow her on instagram! {She offers affordable and tailored to you programs!}


If you or someone you know would make a great Ms. Fit shoot me an email!


ACV Ahhmazingness

We  talked a little bit about ACV yesterday…  Let me give you the dirty deets on this stuff.


First, I feel like I should have told you that when you drink this amazing, skin glowing, make ya skinny drank  it’ll make your nips so hard they could cut through glass, just sayin’… It’s pretty potent, but we’ll do anything to look hawt and skinny right? I thought so.

1. Fat fighter- Helps get rid of lbs

2. Detox your kidneys

3.  Whitens teeth

4. Cures hiccups {who knew?}

5. Soothes sore throat and stuffy nose {mix cinnamon and honey.. mmm}

6. Builds strong, sups shiny hair

7. Balances your PH aka GLOWing skin, hormone balance= beat the bloat

8. annnnd gets rid of the LBS {I mean, need I say more?}

Just try it, you won’t regret it,



Make Your Skin Glow

What if I told you that I could make you less bloated, rev up your metabolism, slow aging, balance your PH levels, clear your skin, make your skin literally glow… supple, Oh annnnd did I mention that all the gorgeous celebs are doing it. If it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the geese. (btw thats such a weiiird saying)



But, lemme clarify, okayyy! This isn’t just any water or the sassy water that Dr. Oz swears you’ll lose 1000lbs, just by drinking. (uhhh yeah right) Start your morning, every morning, with a glass of hot water and then pour about 2T of Apple Cider Vinegar, cut a third of a lemon, squeeze, and throw that bad boy in and let it steep for about 2 minutes… Bottoms up baby.


Make sure that you buy ORGANIC, unpasteurized, and with the mother. You can find it at Whole Foods, some local grocery stores, but always on Amazon.


I have never been known to have “pretty skin”. I had acne, it wasn’t like a pizza face… but there were a few mount everest and pepperonis that would make an appearance. I’ve been drinking my ACV water everyday for about a month and I swear I saw a difference in my face by day 3, not to mention all the other things that happened – I’ll fill ya in later. When my sister came to visit the first thing she said was “OMG your face looks so pretty it’s GLOWING”, my mom noticed how “even my skin complexion looked”, and my husband said “your skin is so shiny, like its glowing”.


Me with zero MU
{used my iPhone}


 The proof is in the puddin’ people… 

miranda_Ker Jennifer-Lopez-without-makeup-jennifer-lopez-34506968-984-1500 kellyripa

              Ello J-Lo, Miranda, and Kelly (OMHeavens… her arms!!!!) all three bare it all and start each morning with ACV! Don’t skimp out on your water the rest of the day, remember, drink HALF your body weight to stay hydrated.



I’ll be telling you more about the AMAZING benefits of ACV tomorrow, til then DRINK UP